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Local Artists Featured


We feature a succession of local artists' works for viewing and purchase. The latest details will be available on our Facebook  page.


We are constantly on the look-out for more local artists and their works to present to the art viewing and buying public.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please contact us.

Sidney E. King Postcards


The Center is the only location that offers reproductions of our King murals, availble as 15 full color 4" x 6" postcards for only $8.00.  

Aso available for sale are notecards and booklets featuring Bowling Green and Caroline County historical sites and information.  Music from world-renowned blues guitarist John Cephas and his partner Phil Wiggins CDs are offered at $15 each. 

Artwork for Loan


Do you own Sidney E. King art you would like to loan the Art Center? We usually display loaned art for a 2-month period. Please contact the Art Center.


Another Sidney E. King painting has SOLD!!!
The Sidney E. King Art Center is happy to announce that we have connected

 another private art owner with a buyer hoping to own a King painting.   'Pressing Grapes' is part of the Jamestown series and is the 6th painting that the Sidney E. King Art Center has facilitated between owners of King art and connecting them with people looking to buy Sidney E. King work. 


Would you like us to help you sell or locate an original King work of art?  If you have a painting or drawing to sell, please contact Robyn Sieg at the Art Center.  We will put a picture of your offering on the website for all to view.  The Art Center can act as a “go between” until the buyer and seller agree to their terms.

Remember, too, that the Sidney E. King Art Center would be honored to receive a donation of your King sketch or painting that no longer brings you joy or for which you no longer have room.  This tax-deductible donation would allow us to improve and enlarge our collection and bring more of Mr. King's art to public access. 

Thank you for helping us preserve the artwork of Sidey E. King!