Amanda Young Exhibit


Amanda Young is a woman of many parts. In her 25 years at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space museum she was a specialist in the Division of Space History, responsible for the collection of space suits and astronaut personal equipment numbering approximately 3,000 objects. She wrote the popular book Spacesuits: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Collection and collaborated in a 4-year project by the Smithsonian on an exhibit in Tokyo. Until her retirement in 2009 she continued to conduct research in the causes of spacesuit deterioration.

And she is an impressive artist, with an upcoming exhibit at the Sydney E. King Art Center in Bowling Green. She has always loved art, and often spent her lunch hour from the Smithsonian at the National Gallery, where she favored the French Impressionists. She describes her attraction to them as stemming from their color, life, and joyful emotion, calling them “happy pictures” and noting that “the more you look at them, the more you see”. Following her move to Bowling Green in 2002 she joined a small group studying and working in the use of pastels (very special chalks) with Helen Butler. 

Mandy emulates the best of the impressionists by painting lovely landscapes with beautiful skies, and says that her moods may be reflected in the skies of her works. One work, done mostly in purple and black, with a lightning bolt slashing the sky, was done when she was in an agitated mood. Other skies are gorgeously blue and serene with ethereal clouds. Having lived many of her young years in Africa, she confesses that most of her skies are African skies, whatever the landscape. She claims that she is not a good “people painter”, but enjoys putting a human element in the paintings such as a very small figure or a bicycle to anchor the work. 

Special Exhibits


World War I & World War II

It is the 100th Anniversary of WWI and the 75th Anniversary of WWII, and we are commemorating the occasion with the Caroline Historical Society. Step in our doors and back in time with photos, uniforms and memorabilia on loan from Caroline County's residents. This exhibit will run through 2018.


It's the 1910s & 40s in the History Room

Learn about your country's, or your family's, history in The Great War and The War to End All Wars.



Our World War I & World War II Anniversary exhibit is a one time only event, and it will only be here through 2018, so please don't miss it!